Gerbils in anals

That's a hacky old joke, but behind every joke lies a kernel of truth, right? Richard Gere is many things: An actor, a Buddhist, an officer, a gentleman and drinking buddies with the Dalai Lama. We left off 'extreme bestiality sexual deviant' because we're still not sure where we stand on this whole "gerbilling" thing, so we dug deep really deep to find out just how far this thing goes. Yes, it's another chapter of Hollywood Myths.
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Gerbils? Again?

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Is it true what they say about gerbils? - The Straight Dope

From the world's tallest dog to its most dangerous ant, you'll find the fastest, tallest, oldest, strangest and most awesome species from the animal kingdom right here. Watch the likes of the biggest horse in the world, Big Jake the horse and Corduroy, one of the oldest cats ever measured. From talented pets to extreme wildlife, animals are always among our most popular record-breakers. Find out more about these incredible records and stories in two dedicated animal record books: Wild Things and Amazing Animals. Based upon current research results, the world's most venomous lizard is the Gila monster Heloderma…. The world's most abundant penguin species is the macaroni penguin Eudyptes chrysolophus a…. The world's largest living species of penguin is the emperor penguin Aptenodytes forsteri ,….
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A Complete History Of Gerbiling So Far

Pocket pets such as hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, hedgehogs and guinea pigs are small, appealing pets that adapt well to living in captivity. They each have their unique characteristics, and it is important to understand what they require to keep them healthy. Hamsters do not need a lot of living space. Similar to other rodents, they have four incisor teeth that grow throughout their life, and they need to chew to keep these teeth worn down properly.
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Wikimedia Commons. Years have been spent trying to label this tale fact or fiction, with no success so far. Gay Bomb This article details two theoretical weapons speculated by the U. Air Force that would not kill nor injure the enemy, but would instead make them stop, drop and make love to their fellow troops.
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