Inflammation of shoulder moving to leg

Pain and swelling in your shoulders, arms and hands could be a symptom of a variety of conditions, including arthritis, a traumatic injury or an illness. Your doctor will make a diagnosis based on your gender, age and a more in-depth examination of your symptoms. For example, swelling in your joints could be a type of arthritis, while swelling in your muscles could be from a strain or injury. A traumatic fall or blow to your shoulder can cause sternoclavicular joint dislocation, a condition that causes pain, swelling and tingling in the shoulder, arm and hand.
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Leg Pain Caused by Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Lymphedema Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Back to Health A to Z. Swelling in the arms or hands often goes away on its own. See a GP if it does not get better in a few days. Swelling in the arms and hands is often caused by a build-up of fluid in these areas, called oedema.
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When you try to push through — as most stubborn outdoor athletes tend to do —it can develop into a sharp, debilitating pain that can be frustratingly difficult to shake. The best course of action is to address the nagging ache early on, before it becomes a full-blown injury. Below, Smith and Vagy explain the mechanism behind the three most common shoulder injuries and how to get on the road to recovery. The shoulder forms a ball-and-socket joint, like the hip , between the head of the humerus upper-arm bone and the scapula shoulder blade. An acute injury a sudden fall while skiing or biking, for example or repeated stress over time, especially from suboptimal shoulder positions such as overhead reaching while climbing, can aggravate or tear any of these structures, cause them to become inflamed, and lead to shoulder pain, discomfort, weakness, and instability.
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Edema , also known as fluid retention , dropsy , hydropsy or swelling , is the buildup of fluid in the body's tissue. Causes may include venous insufficiency , heart failure , kidney problems , low protein levels , liver problems , deep vein thrombosis , infections, angioedema , certain medications, and lymphedema. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. An edema will occur in specific organs as part of inflammations, tendonitis or pancreatitis, for instance. Certain organs develop edema through tissue specific mechanisms.
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